The door into the side of our garage has been sticking since we moved in, over a year and a half ago. This weekend, it was time to fix it, so I headed to Home Depot for some supplies.

All you need for this fix

  • A drill (or preferably an impact hammer),
  • Some 3.5″ or 4″ #9 wood screws
  • About 5 minutes of your time!

Check out the full walkthrough after the jump!

  1. The first thing I noticed when I started looking at the door is that the door is hitting the frame on the top, and that the hinge screws on the door side are starting to angle “down.” This means that the door is hanging low from the top, so we need to suck it back in line.
  2. One way to fix the problem would be to get out a sander or a rasp, and either take some wood off of the top of the door, or from the top of the frame. However, the door HAD to have fit at one point, so I don’t really think that trying to change the shape of the door is the best route.¬†Besides, I have an easier option in mind…
  3. Most door hinges use #9 screws, so while I was at Home Depot, I picked up some 4-inch #9 Spax wood screws. I also grabbed a bit of 1/8″ oak, but that’s for a future project. My plan is simply to replace the normally-short screws in the top hinge replaced with a longer screw, and pull the hinge back into the stud behind the frame.
  4. Starting with the screws on the outside of the hinge, and on the frame side, I removed one screw at a time and replaced it with one of the new 4″ screws. I also replaced 2 of the screws on the door side of the hinge, lifting up on the door handle to try and lift the door a bit more.

3 minutes and 4 screws later, I gave the door a pull, and the it closed without a sound.

Source: Fixing a Sticky Door on YouTube

Fixing a Sticky Door

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